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 Read before you post!!!

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PostSubject: Read before you post!!!   Sat Mar 10, 2012 3:14 pm

*Date of Ban:
*Why did you get Banned?:
*Why do you think you should get the punishment reversed(at least 20 words):
*Banned by staff member(who?):
*Do you think the staff team did something wrong?(Yes/No):
*(If yes) Please give us Proof or a valid explanation:
Extra comment:

All lines marked with an '*' are the questions you need to type on.


If you are banned/muted, you must wait two days to make your first appeal.If your appeal has been declined you must wait 2 days to post another.Making more than one appeal will result in an auto decline on your appeal.Lying will result in an auto decline on your appeal.Be polite, being rude on your appeal is the perfect way to go about not getting your punishment resolved!Asking staff to view your appeal is an automatic decline.Do not bump your appeal more than once every 24 hours.You are responsible for all offenses on your account. Do not blame your mother, brother, dog or fish.You must supply enough information or your appeal will be automatically declined.If you were IP banned or IP muted, you must name the exact account you were punished on
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Read before you post!!!
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