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 Hello Fellow HomocidePkz People!

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yung hustla


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PostSubject: Hello Fellow HomocidePkz People!   Sat Mar 10, 2012 2:40 pm

Well yeah im new and looking for a good server and i hope this will be the one i am looking for... it's not online right now, so i can't see but yeah my name is Antonio, you can call me tony if you'd like.. my in game name will be Yung Hustla, so feel free to add me. When i get to see what the in game is like and i like it, i will advertise some other servers for some players..

for the owner: i will advertise as much as i can but i don't want mod because mod is boring.. when i advertise, i would like to be hidden admin.. not saying you have to but i've been staff on many other servers, and i've made some of my own also.. so i am pretty experienced, and when im staff im way more active than i would be without staff. if you give me hidden admin in game, i would like global admin on here. Thanks, See you guys later!
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Hello Fellow HomocidePkz People!
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