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 Staff Applications

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PostSubject: Staff Applications   Sat Mar 10, 2012 2:43 pm

i know i'm not staff but i know a few good applications, so where people can use to try and get Staff. here is one:

Ingame name-
real name-
how old are you?-
How long have you been playing the server?-
Why do you think you should be a admin of infinityx?-
Does anyone think you deserve it?-
Why do you think you deserve it?-
Have you helped someone?-
How long can you play each day?-
Are you active on both forums and ingame?-
Have you been staff on any other server, if yes what server?-
Do you respect owners?-
Have you broken any rules?-
Do players like you?-
Tell us about yourself-

Heres another one:
1: Your username In-game.
2: How long can you be on duty each day?
3: What country do you live in?
4: What time do you usually get on to play each day?
5: Tell us a little about yourself (use as many words as you like):
6: What can you do to help the Real-Scape Community?
7: Why should we choose you?
8: Situation: If someone is advertising a server in yell, what do you do?
9: Situation: If someone is abusing a member, what do you do?
10: Do you have experience as a staff member (We don't care what server, so don't post the server name!)
11: Can you speak English fluently?

And one more :
name: (real life name)
age: (real life age)
sex: (male/female)
username: (runescape username)
reason: (why you would like to be apart of the staff)
extra info:
contacts: (MSN, Yahoo, Myspace, AIM. This is so people can keep in touch with you, as in staff not really needed but will help out.)

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Staff Applications
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